Publishing Program

Publishing Program

You've got a great story to tell. You've invested a lot of time on research and writing your manuscript. Now, who will publish it? What is your expertise? What are your credentials? What kind of contract can you expect? Will you get an advance? 

Our Publishing Program at Badger Books can help. If we become your publishing house we may offer a small advance on new titles, depending on your credentials, platform, contract, and what we feel your book will earn out. 

Our Publishing Program will guide you through a seven-step process of getting your book printed, marketed and sold.


You: Send contact info, synopsis, copy of your manuscript, copy of your artwork (do not send any originals, send non-returnable work), a brief letter what is in your submission, and any other books you've written, articles that are published, a marketing plan for your book (how do you plan on promoting it?), and your social media, Web site links. Don't forget to send us your email address and phone number.

Your manuscript will be read and we'll provide our decision on what we feel the market potential could be with our house. Some books can be targeted to a specific market while others are better suited to a general audience. If we are interested, an acceptance letter will follow or a request for more time to make a  decision. You are always free to submit your work while we are making a decision. 

We may take up to a year (depending if we are open or closed to submissions).


If your manuscript is accepted for publication in our Publishing Program, we'll provide complete editing services by our team of professionals. We may suggest a different focus or rewrite, cleaning up errors, and you'll be involved and required to finish your edits.

You: Go over manuscript with your editorial team, make changes or decide what must stay or can be changed. The publisher has the ultimate decision whether or not a manuscript, even contracted, will go to press. You return you edits per your contract deadlines, we edit, and follow your contract to the release date. Do not expect to begin edits earlier that what is contracted (our editors calendars are firm), do not expect to publish earlier than your release date.


After the manuscript has been edited, we'll design and typeset your book using the latest computer equipment and software. We'll handle all the details, including cover design with your suggestions. We can provide original drawings or photos through our contracts with professional artists and photographers.

You: You will receive an electronic .PDF to make changes and corrections as contracted. Some authors books may need a paper galley to make changes on.


Your electronically prepared book is sent to our printer. The printers we work with use the latest high-resolution equipment and meet our quality standards. We format your book for print and electronic formats an upload these for distribution.

You: If you choose to order books for give aways or trade shows, signings, you can purchase them at the 50% off the retail price. This is part of your contract. We do not force you or require you to buy any books, not even one. In fact, we provide you with a contracted amount (usually 10) free copies for your own personal enjoyment. 


We'll handle all the details of delivery, order taking, fulfillment, and storage of your finished book. 

You: Orders go through us so you don't have to do anything here.


Our marketing efforts truly set us apart from many other publishers. We own our own call center, eCompass who handles all our calls and processes the orders for fulfillment, handles our customer inquiries. We have a large network of sites in many niches: book review, stores, radio show, information sites, more. We sell through: book stores, colleges, gift shops, retail stores, online distributors, and more. Our promotional budget for each book is limited to our networked sites, a press release, limited in-house PR, review requests, and when possible, interviews. Our authors are offered (at no cost) listing(s) of their book(s) on our network of niche websites. 

You: Promote your book on your Website, signings, interviews, shows you attend.