Manuscript Submission Guidelines

For  Badger Books USA


Badger Books USA is interested in new manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction. Most of our books have regional ties to the upper Midwest, but we accept stories from anywhere, about any place, in most genres.

Some of our older books were published through a cooperative publishing program, prior to Badger Books USA acquiring the former publishers' Badger Books, LLC, Badger Books, Inc., and Waubesa Press; where the author (or an investor) and the publisher worked with agreements and contracts (all expired, we did not keep any of the former authors publishing contracts), and may have shared expenses.

Badger Books USA does not offer any cooperative publishing programs, consignment, or self publishing services.

All of our books (including former authors of the former publishers  are selected for publication by going through our review process for manuscripts or out-of-print titles. Badger Books USA pays all of the expenses to publish our titles, fees are never charged to our authors, we pay all the editing, book cover, and printing costs. We offer buyouts for unfinished, underdeveloped, and series we can build upon (keeping the original authors name on their books, if requested).

If you are an author with a newly finished manuscript, out-of-print book that you own 100% of your rights to, or if you're a past author with Badger Books, LLC,  Badger Books, Inc. or Waubesa Press that wants us to consider your work with Badger Books USA, please send us a query letter with your manuscript. 

We offer our authors our unique publishing contract and pay our authors at the time of printing, if we print 20 copies, authors are paid for twenty copies according to your royalty percentage. 

BUY OUT: If you are the owner of a literary work and hold all of the rights and copyrights to said work, we may be interested in purchasing it outright to develop into a series.

Guidelines for submissions change as we develop new lines. Please check the guidelines for the imprint you are submitting to.  

We are open to most submissions, in most genres. No erotica.

To have your book reviewed for publication, please submit your contact information, genre, age group, your platform and credits, marketing plans, a synopsis and the entire work. Do not send your original copy, send a copy as submissions are not returned. Do not send original art, always send copies of art or your manuscript.

Submit to: Badger Books:  In most cases, you can expect a reply within 8-12 weeks.